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A gatsby starter for a technical documentation website
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Gatsby Ant-Design Documentation Starter

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This starter is boilerplate for (technical) documentation websites optionally accompanied by a blog (you can use it forever you want of course).

Getting started

npm install gatsby -g
gatsby new my-docs
cd my-docs
npm install
npm run start

Visit http://localhost:8000.

Edit files in /content/docs and see live updates.


  • Ant Design
  • Typescript
  • Markdown
  • MDX
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Latex


  • Blog feature / second content type
  • Improved typings
  • Improved responsiveness
  • Add Search


In order to host the site the sites path needs to be put into gatsby-config.js export object on to the property pathPrefix. Then run

npm run build

and copy the content of the public folder to the webspace.



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