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This is a FreeBSD port for the current stable version (0.4.9) of pyLoad. I made this for my FreeNAS Jail. A rc.d script for auto starting pyLoad is included.

  • Required ports or binary packages:
    • databases/py-sqlite3
    • ftp/py-curl (activate COOKIES on the configure dialog!)
    • graphics/py-imaging
    • lang/python
    • security/py-pycrypto
    • www/py-django
  • SSL support:
    • security/py-openssl
  • Unpacking downloads:
    • archivers/unrar
    • archivers/unzip
  • JS-Enginge for Click'n'Load:
    • lang/spidermonkey17
  • Captcha solving:
    • graphics/gocr
    • graphics/tesseract
    • graphics/tesseract-data


  1. Make sure you have the ports tree, if not run (will take a while). Install git via port OR binary package
# portsnap fetch extract
# cd /usr/ports/devel/git && make install clean
# pkg_add -r git
  1. Clone my port repo to your ports tree and install it (remember to activate COOKIES for ftp/curl !!!):
# cd /usr/ports/www
# git clone https://github.com/mrhanky17/pyload-freebsd.git pyload
# cd pyload/ && make install clean
  1. Enable and run pyLoad (if no pyload.conf exists, setup will be called first):
# echo 'pyload_enable="YES"' >> /etc/rc.conf
# touch /usr/local/etc/pyload/pyload.conf
# service pyload start
  1. Optional settings (add to /etc/rc.conf):
  • pyload_config="/usr/local/etc/pyload"
  • pyload_flags="--daemon"
  • pyload_pid="/var/run/pyload.pid"
  1. Finished, go to the web interface or use the command line interface. :)

Symlinks in /usr/local/bin

# pyload
# pyload-cli
# pyload-gui (will be obsolete in next pyLoad version, dependencies have to be installed per hand)