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Generic and fast hash table implemented in Fortran, similar to khash in C


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ffhash: Fast Fortran Hash Table

The implementation is heavily inspired by khash.

Properties of the hash table:


  • Fortran 2008 compatible compiler, such as gfortran or ifort

Preprocessing should be enabled (typically with -cpp). With older gfortran versions (version 7 or older) there may be warnings.

List of examples


The file ffhash_inc.f90 can for example be included like this:

module m_example
#define FFH_KEY_TYPE integer
#include "ffhash_inc.f90"
end module m_example

The following preprocessor commands can be used:

  • #define FFH_KEY_TYPE (required) followed by a type name (e.g., integer, real, type(my_type)
  • #define FFH_VAL_TYPE (optional) followed by a type name, so that keys can be associated with values.
  • #define FFH_KEY_IS_STRING (optional) for string key types. This allows to use keys shorter than the maximum length. Note that in Fortran "a" == "a " (trailing spaces are ignored).
  • #define FFH_VAL_IS_STRING (optional), similar to FFH_KEY_IS_STRING.
  • #define FFH_CUSTOM_HASH_FUNCTION (optional) to define a custom hash function (after the #include "ffhash_inc.f90" line).
  • #define FFH_CUSTOM_KEYS_EQUAL (optional) to define a custom function for comparing keys (after the #include "ffhash_inc.f90" line).

A type ffh_t can be used after importing the created module, for example like this:

type(ffh_t) :: h

! Store and retrieve a key/value pair
call h%store_value(key, value, status)
call h%get_value(key, value, status)

! Store and retrieve a key/value pair (will abort on failures)
call h%ustore_value(key, value)
call h%uget_value(key, value)

! The values can also be indexed directly
i = h%get_index(key)
if (i /= -1) h%vals(i) = value

! This is also possible
value = h%fget_value(key)

! The index range is from 0 to n_buckets-1
do i = 0, h%n_buckets-1
  if (h%valid_index(i)) ...
end do

Below is the full list of included methods. The variants starting with a u call error stop in case of errors. The variants without a u have an additional status argument, which is -1 in case of errors.

name description
get_index Get index of a key
valid_index Check whether a valid key is present at index
store_key Store a new key
delete_key, udelete_key Delete a key
delete_index, udelete_index Delete key at an index
store_value, ustore_value Store a key-value pair
get_value, uget_value Get value for a key
fget_value Function to get value for a key (can perform error stop)
fget_value_or Function to get value for a key or a dummy if not found
resize Manually resize the hash table (happens automatically)
reset Reset the hash table to initial empty state
hash_function Hash function



Generic and fast hash table implemented in Fortran, similar to khash in C







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