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HAR Viewer is a web application that allows visualizing HTTP Archive logs (HARs)
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HAR Viewer


HAR Viewer is free and open source software distributed under the BSD License.


Build Tools



The HAR Viewer build process uses Ant as its build tool. To see a list of available tasks, use ant -p at the command line.

A build can be performed in one of three ways.

1) Node.js

This is the default and preferred method. Node.js must be installed. To start a build, go to the project directory and execute the following command:

ant build

(Indicative build time - about 9 seconds. Node.js v6.0.0)

2) Java 8 / Nashorn

To build using the jjs command, Java 8 must be installed. Execute the following command:

ant -Drjs.runner=nashorn build

(Indicative build time - about 1 minute 37 seconds. nashorn 1.8.0_92)

3) Pre-Java 8 / Rhino

To build using Java 7 or earlier, execute the following command:

ant -Drjs.runner=java build

You will have to set the optimize build configuration value to "closure", for example:

 optimize: "closure",

(Indicative build time - about 42 seconds)

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