HAR Viewer is a web application that allows visualizing HTTP Archive logs (HARs)
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Stable URL (v2.0.17, 21 March 2016) - http://www.softwareishard.com/har/viewer/

Up-to-date master - http://gitgrimbo.github.io/harviewer/master/ (and https)

HAR Viewer


HAR Viewer is free and open source software distributed under the BSD License.


Build Tools




HAR Viewer uses ESLint for linting. It will be installed when you run npm install from the project root.

To show lint errors only:

npm run eslint

To show lint errors and warnings:

npm run eslint-full


The HAR Viewer build process uses Ant as its build tool. To see a list of available tasks, use ant -p at the command line.

A build can be performed in one of three ways.

1) Node.js

This is the default and preferred method. Node.js must be installed. To start a build, go to the project directory and execute the following command:

ant build

(Indicative build time - about 9 seconds. Node.js v6.0.0)

2) Java 8 with Nashorn

To build using the jjs command, Java 8 must be installed. Execute the following command:

ant -Drjs.runner=nashorn build

(Indicative build time - about 1 minute 37 seconds. nashorn 1.8.0_92)

3) Pre-Java 8 with Rhino

To build using Java 7 or earlier, execute the following command:

ant -Drjs.runner=java build

You will have to set the optimize build configuration value to "closure", for example:

optimize: "closure",

(Indicative build time - about 42 seconds)

Version and Google Analytics

Certain build properties can be overridden at the command line. For example, to provide the VERSION and GOOGLE-ANALYTICS-PROFILE values: