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New oh-my-zsh config file format

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janogonzalez committed Apr 22, 2012
1 parent daea672 commit 1d820e6adcd6312eec5089ae0c15acf5560375d5
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@@ -5,11 +5,14 @@
# Sorin Ionescu <>
+# Set the path to Oh My Zsh.
+export OMZ="$HOME/.oh-my-zsh"
# Set the key mapping style to 'emacs' or 'vi'.
-zstyle ':omz:editor' keymap 'vi'
+zstyle ':omz:module:editor' keymap 'vi'
# Auto convert .... to ../..
-zstyle ':omz:editor' dot-expansion 'no'
+zstyle ':omz:module:editor' dot-expansion 'no'
# Set case-sensitivity for completion, history lookup, etc.
zstyle ':omz:*:*' case-sensitive 'no'
@@ -18,18 +21,25 @@ zstyle ':omz:*:*' case-sensitive 'no'
zstyle ':omz:*:*' color 'yes'
# Auto set the tab and window titles.
-zstyle ':omz:terminal' auto-title 'yes'
+zstyle ':omz:module:terminal' auto-title 'yes'
+# Set the Zsh modules to load (man zshmodules).
+# zstyle ':omz:load' zmodule 'attr' 'stat'
+# Set the Zsh functions to load (man zshcontrib).
+# zstyle ':omz:load' zfunction 'zargs' 'zmv'
-# Set the plugins to load (see $OMZ/plugins/).
-zstyle ':omz:load' plugin 'git'
+# Set the Oh My Zsh modules to load (browse modules).
+zstyle ':omz:load' omodule 'environment' 'terminal' 'editor' 'completion' \
+ 'history' 'directory' 'spectrum' 'alias' 'utility' 'prompt' 'git'
# Set the prompt theme to load.
# Setting it to 'random' loads a random theme.
# Auto set to 'off' on dumb terminals.
-zstyle ':omz:prompt' theme 'sorin'
+zstyle ':omz:module:prompt' theme 'sorin'
# This will make you shout: OH MY ZSHELL!
-source "$HOME/.oh-my-zsh/init.zsh"
+source "$OMZ/init.zsh"
# Customize to your needs...

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