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[UNMAINTAINED] A Nintendo Game Boy emulator written in Ruby
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WARNING: This project is unmaintained, check eljojo's Fork!


A Game Boy emulator written in Ruby.


At the moment Mimey is in a very early stage and it was abandoned for 3 years. It emulates only a half of the CPU opcodes.


Install bundler:

gem install bundler

Run bundler:

bundle install

Run the tests:

bundle exec rspec


What does Mimey mean?

Mimey is one of my favorite characters from the Pokémon TV Series and using the name of a Mr. Mime seems appropiate for an emulator (specially for a Game Boy one).

What games does it run?

None at the moment.

When will I be able to run games?

This is a side project, so I don't know.

Your emulator sucks! Where can I find a decent one?

Mimey is a work in progress. In the meantime let me help you find one.

Why do you want to build yet another Game Boy emulator?

One of my dreams since I first used an emulator was to create one by myself, I enjoy programming and I think this will be a great learning experience. My goal is being able to run Pokémon Red and Blue.


  • Nintendo for creating the Game Boy.
  • Satoshi Tariji for creating Pokémon.
  • Episode 64 of the Pokémon TV Series for making me like Mr. Mime. Before that episode I really hated Mr. Mime (who can hate that Pokémon? I can't remember why I hated it).
  • The great tutorial of Imran Nazar finally gave me the motivation to start writing this emulator.



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