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HangoverX is an exciting(?) Meta-Javascript Adventure Game wherein you guide the dashing, steadfast Mr. ?(Cluless?) through a mysterious world, wherein, using only his trusty computer and the TURING-COMPLETE power of Javascript, he must literally ALTER HIS REALITY in order to find his freedom! You must literally edit and re-execute the very Javascript running the game in your browser to save Mr. ?(Cluless?) from this dark and confusing reality!


The game presents you with a roguelike-like playing environment and a console window with the JavaScript code generating each level. As loaded, each level is unbeatable, and most of the JavaScript is blocked from editing. The challenge is to open a path to the next level using only the limited tools left open to you.


This is a work in progress (very slowly). When a level is ready for testing (or, ahem, broken), I tweet it on @hangoverjsnews.


To merge the JavaScript files into scripts/build/hangoverx.js and enable debug features:


To merge and minify the JavaScript files into scripts/build/hangoverx.min.js and disable debug features:

make release

To run the game locally, you need to set up a local server to serve index.html (this step is necessary due to Access-Control-Allow-Origin restrictions).

First install http-server if you haven't already:

npm install http-server

Then run:

make runlocal

Editing levels

While editing a level, you can leave the local server running, and rebuild scripts/build/hangoverx.js in debug mode simply with make.

To edit and test a specific level n, visit: http://localhost:9001/?lvl=n, for example http://localhost:9001/?lvl=2

Adding a new level

  1. Create a new file in levels/, perhaps as a copy of another level.
  2. Edit the file scripts/game.js and add the level to the list.
  3. Run make and reload the page in your browser.


HangoverX is based on (or a total rip-off of) another game called Untrusted by Alex Nisnevich and Greg Shuflin.

We'd like to thank:

  • Alexandre, Pierre-Jean, Camille, and the TIPsy team for brainstorming and testing
  • Alexandre for the idea of Level 3 (collapsing room)


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.