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This simple Android app helps you take wine notes quickly and easily. [Google Play]

After you've tasted a couple of wines it becomes difficult to keep track. Which wines were good? What were they like? Why did you like them? Keeping notes is hard. Describing wines can take a lot of typing, time, and effort.

The app has a built-in database of wine-producing region names, grape names and wine descriptor terms for aroma and taste. It's enough to type common terms partially, the app autocompletes them from you using the database. The app learns new terms you enter, so you don't have to fully type them again.

You can rate wines by different criteria, such as aroma, taste, aftertaste, and overall. You can take pictures of wine bottles and attach them to the notes. You can export and import your database of wine notes as an sqlite3 database.

Feel free to tell me about problems and feature requests on GitHub:

This app is still a work in progress, with many more features planned but not implemented yet. If a missing feature is important to you, feel free to drop me a line, and I'll try to make it happen.

Project homepage:

New in version 1.3

  • Show long currency names in currency selector dropdown
  • Euro sign should come after amount, NOT before like dollar
  • Added button to delete wine
  • Added more flag options

New in version 1.2

  • Fixed the broken EURO sign
  • Now you can select the currency
  • The last used currency becomes the default currency
  • Wine names you enter are now automatically "title-ized"
  • Changed to a bright theme in most dialog screens
  • Replaced the text buttons with image buttons in tag editor dialogs
  • Removed the pointless Quit menu option
  • Many minor usability and ergonomic improvements