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Ocean artUp

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Ocean artUp is a research project funded by an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council. It aims to study the feasibility, effectiveness, associated risks and potential side effects of artificial upwelling in increasing ocean productivity, raising fish production, and enhancing oceanic CO2 sequestration.

This site is built with Svelte and Contentful.


Running this site locally requires git and yarn (or npm). With those installed, do:

  1. Clone the repo and change into its directory.

    git clone && cd ocean-artup
  2. (optional) Setup git hooks by setting core.hooksPath and granting execute permission.

    git config core.hooksPath src/utils/gitHooks
    && chmod -R u+x src/utils/gitHooks
  3. Install dependencies.

  4. Copy .env.example to .env.

    cp .env.example .env

    Then open .env and insert your Contentful space ID and access token. These are found in the settings menu of a Contentful space under 'API keys'.

  5. Start the dev server.

    yarn dev


To publish this site to netlify:

  1. Create an account with netlify.

  2. Install the netlify-cli.

  3. Login to your account.

    netlify login
  4. Connect your GitHub repo with your netlify account for continuous deployment.

    netlify init
  5. Create a production build.

    yarn export
  6. Finally deploy the site with

    netlify deploy