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Moving again - Completed
2008-04-04 15:37:37 +0200

Tadaaa! Hailing from TotalChoice where everything is nice and zippy fast. Just as I expected.

Fully satisfied, thank you.

On a side note: is it me or DNS propagation has gotten significantly faster over time? I remember waiting for days just a few short years ago, whereas Gmail says that I received the welcome e-mail six hours ago - right after which I updated the nameserver entries. Unfortunately I haven't noted the exact time when the site became accessible on this new host but I know that I fiddled a lot with downloading and uploading the files so I'm guessing that it propagated in around, or under, 3 hours. Very nice.

Update: Of course Internet Explorer still takes me to the old host. And this happens on the same machine. Even if ping and tracert both show the new host's IP address. Even after I issued 'ipconfig /flushdns'. How retarded is this?

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