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Automatically deletes files older than a set hours from your Dropbox account. Never run out of free space.
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DBDelete is a small Node.js application which can delete files which are older than 24 hours from your Dropbox account. I have a security camera which uploads automatically the recordings to Dropbox. I created this utility to make sure my Dropbox account does not run out of space.


  1. Login to Dropbox and create a new Dropbox API app
  2. In the app Settings generate a new access token
  3. Copy the token and create a configuration file named .env with the following values
DROPBOX_TOKEN='paste your token here'
DROPBOX_FOLDER_TO_CLEAN = '/ or /path to the folder in which you keep your files to delete'
DELETE_AFTER_HOURS = 24 or a value that suits your needs
  1. Setup a crontab to run it every few hours. I added it to my Raspberry Pi's crontab by executing
crontab -e

and then inserting the line and save the file. 0 */4 * * * cd /home/myuser/DBDelete/ && node DBDelete.js This runs it every 4 hours and creates the log in the same folder.


If you setup crontab correctly it fires automatically, so just sit back and relax :)

Alternatively you can run it by executing

npm run drop24


Each time the app runs it writes (appends to if it already exists) logs to DBDelete.log. If you don't want it to be created run the app with the -nolog parameter

node DBDelete -nolog


To run in debug mode which just prints messages in console rather than in a DBDelete.log file execute

npm run drop24debug


node DBDelete.js -debug
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