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A Wordpress toolkit, which fully masks the blog engine identity.
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Project Goal

I've started this project as a simple personal homepage. I didn't feel comfortable about the way Wordpress exposes itself, so I wrote a frontend and a custom theme for it to mask it's presence. The attempt was a success. I could hide WP without actually modifying the WP core.

This project is a stripped down generic version of that masking code. It aims to provide blog owners with an additional layer of security and added-value features like a white label theme skeletton.

Using it

To use the code, you need to set up multiple subdomains:

  • An administrative domain, where the actual Wordpress installation resides. This should be protected with a password.
  • A frontend domain, which holds the frontend code.
  • A static domain, where the CSS files and images are served from.

First, install your WP on the administrative domain. Then copy the files from the frontend folder to your frontend location and set up your config.php. Finally, apply the plugins in the plugin folder and create your custom theme.

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