ScrollMagic scene transition of timelinemax, should be simple yet complicated #612

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I am missing something that I know should be easy for someone well experienced. I have only a couple of months of web design experience.

I have a intro timeline and another one trigger on scroll. Both attach to separate scrollmagic controller.

The intro should finish before the user scroll down. I tried to overflow: hidden on y axis etc... doesn't work. But hidden the scrollbar is not good User experience.

IF the intro played completely the first scene is good and reverse fine.

But when the user scroll down to the first scene and the intro is not done everything break down when the reverse of intro is triggered. And if windows is refresh on scene1. The intro start.

IS there a way to somehow reset the intro timeline to the end state or to their original css position if the user reverse back on intro. And to play the intro timeline just once if the user scroll back up.


Thanks in advance

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