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kakurc stands for klik-aan-klik-uit room control, which is a home automation system available in the Netherlands, similar to X10 but with RF.

This piece of software allows users of the  system - typically students with a single room or few rooms - to control devices using a webinterface.

It's also possible to hook up webcams, so you can actually see the consequences of hitting buttons, or simply to keep an eye on your property and surroundings.

Installation instructions:
 - Set up a webserver (apache or WAMP or whatever) and put the php directory in the webroot
 - Copy user/config.php.default to user/config.php and adjust it to your preferences
 - Put the vb directory somewhere on the disk and adjust the path to it in the user/config.php
 - Secure your webserver using Apache Auth and SSL or some other form of security

Upgrading instructions:
 - Make a backup of your user folder
 - Throw away the php directory
 - Copy the new directory
 - Put back the user folder
 - Check config.php.default to see new options

 - KlikAanKlikUit for the DLL
 - Jan Paul Posma
 - Icons: http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/

 - This software is licensed under the GPLv3, see the LICENSE file

If you like this software, please send a nice postcard to:
  Jan Paul Posma
  J.A. Feithstraat 9b
  9725AL Groningen
  The Netherlands