Static, mostly JS-free web gallery based on WOWP framework
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(Cha)rming (gall)ery in (Py)thon is a static, minimalistic and mostly JS-free web gallery generator. In a way, it serves as an example project for the WOWP framework (see

The gallery does not depend on any external JS library and is navigable using standard (whatever reasonable definition of "standard") keyboard shortcuts.


Just run this command in the directory with photos:


It finds all JPEG images in the current directory, then tries to read metadata about them and produces a gallery in subdirectory "build".

Example galleries produced with chagallpy:


Easiest way is to use "pip" and download the package from PyPI.

pip install chagallpy

Or, you can visit the GitHub page of the project and work with the development version:


Gallery metadata

Metadata are store in gallery.yaml. Currently available configuration options:

  • title

Image metadata

Available EXIF data are read.

For each image.jpg, a file image.yaml is read with the following options:

  • title
  • place
  • date (dd/mm/YYYY)
  • author (additional (c) is displayed in the image toolbar)