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Angular Module for Janrain Error-handling


1. Install the module:

bower install --save janrain/angular-janrainerrors

2. Add to scripts in html:

<script src="bower_components/angular-janrainerrors/janrainerrors.js"></script>

3. Add to angular dependencies:

E.g. in app.js:

angular.module('Jiui', ['Jiui-dlman.controllers', '', ... 'janrainErrors'])

4. Add janrain-errors-alert directive to html:

E.g. in index.html

<div id="errors" ng-cloak janrain-errors-alert></div>

5. Inject janrainErrorsSvc into your controller or service:

var app = angular.module('exampleApp');

app.service('exampleService', function($http, ... janrainErrorsSvc){ ... }

6. Report errors:

You can report $http errors from the .success() or .then() by simply passing in janrainErrorsSvc.httpError:

.success(function(data) { ... })

.then(function(data) {...}, janrainErrorsSvc.httpError);

You can also customize the report by passing explicit arguments to janrainErrorsSvc.alert:

$http.get(url).then(function(data) { ... }, function(data, status) {

Where errorObject looks like:

  type: 'HTTP 404',
  title: 'Not Found',
  body: 'Could not locate that resource!',
  log: 'This optional field will get logged to an api endpoint'
  actions: [
      label: 'Retry',
      action: retryFunction

The log and actions fields are optional. The actions field is an array of 'action objects' that have a label and an actin function. Action objects will propagate to buttons on the janrain-errors-alert directive.

You can also substitute errorObject with an errorString which will be converted into an errorObject that looks like this:

  type = 'default',
  title = 'Error',
  body = errorString,
  log = 'Default error: ' + errorString,

If you don't want to pop up an alert modal, you can just log the error with janrainErrorsSvc.log(msg).

7. Get errors:

To get a list of open errors: janrainErrorsSvc.errors().