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Backplane 2 PHP Client (v0.9.0)

This library integrates server side Backplane clients with the Backplane server protocol.


The SDK should be initialized like this:

require '../src/ClientCredentials.php';
require '../src/BackplaneClient.php';

$credentials = new ClientCredentials();

$client = new BackplaneClient($credentials);

To initialize the library and retrieve an access token from the Backplane server:

try {
    $accessToken = $client->initializeAccessToken(null, 'client_credentials');
} catch (Exception $e) {
    // handle exception

Because the access token will expire, your code will need to be able to recover from this event.

try {
    $message = $client->getSingleMessage($messageURL);
} catch (ExpiredTokenException $e) {
    // recover by requesting a new token

Because this SDK is intended to be flexible, you will need to implement your own method of storing the dynamic access token in a file or in a database. It is not good practice (nor efficient) to request a new token each time an interaction is desired with the Backplane server.


To run phpunit tests, from the tests directory, use the following:

phpunit ClientTest.php

If you have the xdebug extension installed, you may produce a code coverage report:

phpunit --coverage-html ./report ClientTest.php