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created for Nathan Ramsey on 7/13/12
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Pbjanrain/ios libraries 4.0

Janrain JUMP for iOS library 4.0

This library provides a native iOS API to the Janrain user management platform.

NOTICE: This is a new version with potentially breaking changes from the previous 3.X versions.

Please read the Docs/Upgrade and RELEASE_NOTES.

It supports:

  • Authentication with Janrain Engage
  • Sign-in to, and user session management with, Janrain Capture
  • Social two-step registration and traditional registration with Janrain Capture
  • Broadcast sharing via Engage

See also:

  • Docs/JUMP Integration - the basic integration guide, start here.
  • Docs/Xcode Project - a guide to setting up the SDK with your Xcode project
  • Docs/User Registration - a guide to registering new users with the JUMP library
  • Docs/Upgrade - a guide to upgrading between versions of the library
  • Docs/Engage Custom Provider - a guide to the configuration of custom providers for use with the Engage support in the library.
  • Docs/Engage-Only Integration - a guide to Engage-only integrations (i.e. no Capture/JUMP)
  • Docs/Engage Authentication Token - a guide to the implementation of Engage auth_info token URLs
  • - documentation and guides at the Janrain developers portal
  • RELEASE_NOTES - for information on changes, bugfixes, and new features
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