Simple app to monitor redis queues to make sure they are being processed.
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Intended to be used to monitor Redis [] queues. Originally developed to monitor resque [], it now supports any redis queue. It can run in standalone mode (cron/monit) where it sends emails on alert or it can work as a plugin for nagios, sensu and possibly other monitoring software that supports external programs.

$ queue-ok -h
Usage: [options] ./queue-ok
Options (for optional email message):
  -e=false: enable email message
  -f="": From: address
  -l=false: left push (test index -1)
  -p="resque*:queue:*": queue key pattern
  -r=true: right push (test index 0)
  -s="localhost:25": smtp server
  -t="": To: address
0 on success
1 not used
2 when queue issued not being processed
3 when there is an error with the check

How it works

It looks for any redis keys that follow the pattern of a queue and monitors their first/last entry (rpush/lpop vs lpush/rpop). If it doesn't change between 2 calls an alert is issued (email sent/return code 2).

If the queue is empty or the value from the queue is different than the saved value, all is ok. Make sure the queue is processesed more frequently than you run this.


MIT licence. See LICENCE file.