Acorn Atom in minimal configuration for iCE40 HX8K board and ICOboard
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Acorn Atom in minimal configuration for iCE40 HX8K ICOboard

The Acorn Atom is a 1980's home computer. It requires very little resources. It makes a very good candidate for a minimal implementation on the ICOboard.

--- Work in Progress ---


- VGA 1024x768 vga output for text and mode 4 scaled.
- RGB 2:2:2 output, 4 entry LUT for colors
- CPU runs at 32.5 MHz and the prompt is visible
- fully functional keyboard.
- BASIC,FP and P-Charme working.
- SDcard access over SPI and SDDOS rom.


- IceStorm tools for verilog compilation.
- Arlet's 6502 in directory  available in Arlet6502
- GNU make
- icotools for programming ICOboard
- ICOboard with 1MB SRAM (128K should work too, untested)
- SDcard connection
- VGA connection PMOD-VGA.

Memory map of this ATOM:

F000   ROM     MM52164    IC20  - onboard MOS
E000   ROM                      - onboard SDDOS
D000   ROM     MM52132    IC21	- onboard FPROM
C000   ROM     MM52164    IC20  - onboard BASIC
BD00   IO      Extension        - VGA colour table.
B800   VIA     6522       IC1   - onboard VIA 6522
B400   IO      Extension        - PL8
B000   PPI     INS8255    IC25	- keyboard
A000   ROM     MN52132    IC24	- onboard P-Charme
9xxx   Video   RAM              - external SRAM
8xxx   Video   RAM              - external SRAM
0000 - 7FFF    RAM              - external SRAM

VGA output:

PMOD VGA (diligent)

connects to two PMOD connectors.

hsync B8 vsync A9 red[0] A5 red[1] A2 red[2] C3 red[3] B4 blue[0] B7 blue[1] B6 blue[2] B3 blue[3] B5 green[0] D8 green[1] B9 green[2] B10 green[3] B11

Keyboard connection:

set_io key_col[0]       F11
set_io key_col[1]       E14
set_io key_col[2]       F12
set_io key_col[3]       E11
set_io key_col[4]       D11
set_io key_col[5]       D10
set_io ctrl_key         G11
set_io shift_key        E13
set_io rept_key         F9
set_io key_reset        E10

set_io key_row[0]       K13
set_io key_row[1]       J13
set_io key_row[2]       J11
set_io key_row[3]       M15
set_io key_row[4]       M16
set_io key_row[5]       H14
set_io key_row[6]       K15
set_io key_row[7]       G13
set_io key_row[8]       F14
set_io key_row[9]       T16

SD Card connection:

set_io ss       T15
set_io mosi     T14
set_io sclk     T11
set_io miso     R10

It still needs more attention to get it fully compatible. Next up will be timers and more screen modes. Hopefully some nice high res text modes too.

Jan Rinze.