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A Topic Maps engine written in JavaScript. It aims to be TMAPI 2.0 compliant and implements the Topic Maps - Data Model (TMDM).
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tmjs is a Topic Maps engine written in pure JavaScript. It aims to be compliant with the Topic Maps API TMAPI 2.0 and implements the Topic Maps - Data Model TMDM.

tmjs is meant to be a lightweight engine that makes it possible to implement Topic Maps based applications in Web browsers. It can be used to create semantic mashups. The JavaScript library is independent of libraries such as jQuery or prototype.js, but it can be used in combination with them.

For more details check out the project's homepage.


  • TMAPI 2.0-like API with an in-memory backend
  • JTM 1.0 import/export (experimental)

See the file TODO for a list of missing features.

Features to be implemented in the near future

  • Full TMAPI support (including createOccurrence()-calls for JavaScript types)
  • Full CXTM support
  • More tests
  • JTM 1.1 import/export
  • XTM 2.0 import/export (requires DOM)

More planned features (feedback welcome)

  • More backends: HTML 5 Web SQL Database, persistent backend for node.js
  • More import/export-formats: CTM


None. The code can be run together with jQuery, prototype.js and other JavaScript libraries.

To build the library from the source code you need Java 1.6. The build process checks the JavaScript with JSLint, creates a minified version of the code and extracts API documentation from the source code. In addition, you need the make utility. A build.xml file for ant is planned for a future release.

To build the whole package run


If you want to build the minified version of tm.js run

make min

To run JSLint enter

make lint

The API documentation can be build with

make doc

To remove the files in the dist- and doc-directories run

make clean

Getting started

Include the file dist/tm.js or dist/tm.min.js into an (X)HTML page or a JavaScript file (the last option applies to server-side JavaScript implementations).

This is how to create a TopicMap object:

var factory, sys, tmid, tm;
factory = TopicMapSystemFactory.newInstance();
factory.setProperty('com.semanticheadache.tmjs.backend', 'memory');
sys = factory.newTopicMapSystem();
tmid = sys.createLocator("");
tm = sys.createTopicMap(tmid);

By default newTopicMapSystem() returns an in-memory implementation.

See these topics for more information:

Distribution overview

Normally, you will only need the files in the dist- and doc-directory. If you want to make changes to the source code, take a look at the src-directory.

All other files are needed to build the distribution file, to minify the source code and to run the unit tests.

  • build/* Software needed for the build process
  • src/* The source code of tm.js
  • test/* Unit tests

  • dist/* The final JavaScript-files (available after the build process)

  • doc/* The API documentation (available after the build process)


For feedback or if you find any bugs or have comments or feature request please use the issue tracker at

project's homepage

Copyright and License

tmjs has been written by Jan Schreiber (jans [at] It is licensed under the MIT license. See the file MIT-LICENSE.txt for details.

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