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Ingres is a feature rich and robust database (RDBMS)
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Ingres is a feature rich and robust database (RDBMS)

It is licensed under the GPL license, version 2.

Supported Platforms

For more information on building Ingres, including supported platforms see:

If you need help, visit:
(tip: make up a unique nickname)

To get the latest version of Ingres server source code:

To get the latest code:

svn co ~/ingres/server
OR, alternatively if you prefer git:
git clone ~/ingres/server

(either of these will create a copy of the latest code in ~/ingres/server)

To run the build (the easy way):

1) cd ~/ingres/server
2) ./

The script will set up your environment, execute the build
and provide detailed logs.

To set up your environment to develop:

cd ~/ingres/server
source buildtools/

You can now "cd ~/ingres/server/src" and run jam to build by hand.

To install and use an instance:

1) Run the build as above.

2) Run buildtools/createdbms <2 character installation ID>

You can install many instances of Ingres on the same machine provided
the installation ID's do not conflict.

for example:
buildtools/createdbms A1

3) source buildtools/ <same installation ID>

for example:
buildtools/ A1

ingstart (will start the dbms)
ingstop (will stop the dbms)

To build, install and run an automated test suite:
Become root.
buildtools/ <2 character installation ID>

for example:

buildtools/ A1

To run the build (the less easy way):

(see the Building Ingres on _____ under B in the directory)

Where to get help/contact us:

Internet Relay Chat (IRC):


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