Developer manual: Themes

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Creating a theme for MediacenterJS is fairly easy.

  • First of all browse from the root of MediacenterJS to the public/themes folder. As you can see there is already at least one theme available. One of which is WIGO (the default theme).

  • Create a new folder in the themes directory and give it an appropriate name. This name will also be the name the end user sees, so think of something that describes the theme you want to make.

  • If you look in the WIGO folder, you will see a style.css and a script.js file. You will need these files as well in your new theme folder. So the structure will look like this:

    • theme
      • style.css
      • script.js

The style.css will contain all the CSS overrides and the script.js will contain theme specific javascript (vanilla or jQuery)

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