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Movie/TV show library

How should I format my movie library and files?

###Directory conventions###

MediacenterJS will look in the specified directory for video files. It will look in subdirectories of the specified dir for additional video files. so the possible directories can be:

specifiedPath/fight club.avi


specifiedPath/f/fight club.avi

or even

specifiedPath/f/MyfavouriteMovies/fight club.avi

###Filename conventions### MCJS will use the filename to try to get the correct movie details. This way the server does not have to look inside the files to get the metadata, which speeds up the process. Naturally, the more precise the title of the movie, the better the scraper will know which movie it is.

Aside from the title you can make it even easier for the scraper to recognize the movie by adding the date of release like so:

> 'Fight Club (1999).avi'

If your filenames are 'messy', the system will try to clean them up before sending the title to the scraper. Text like release group names,dividers,file type and quality will be filtered out of the filename on the server. so:

> 'Fight.Club.iMMORTALS.(1999).xvid-R5.torrent.avi'

will become

> 'Fight Club (1999).avi'

But to get the best result you should clean up your filenames as best as possible.

If a movie is split into multiple pieces, you can specify it in the filename as well. It is best to format it like this:

> 'Fight Club (1999) CD1.avi'

Episode filename conventions

Currently MCJS supports every standard episode annotation.

Music library

Once you specify the location of your music, the music will look in the specified directory for mp3 & m4a files. The I3d Tag will be used to determine the correct album information.

Editing incorrect data

If for some reason the data is shown incorrectly, it is easily corrected by hovering over the item in question and clicking on the top right edit icon. A dialog will appear allowing you to edit the details of the file.