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Releases: jansorg/marketplace-stats


02 Sep 10:08
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  • e148b69 Calculate conversion rate based on expired trials, fix wording, fix jump to trials section


02 Sep 09:05
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  • 38815ef Don't use temp-api
  • 189244b Retrieve trial licenses, show in new table and show conversion rate in table of months, table of top countries with trials
  • 62eb7e5 Update instructions


13 Jul 18:11
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  • 2146c2c Don't break when custom URLs were added to a plugin
  • a974d2c Fetch sales info in chunks to adapt to the latest changes of the marketplace IDE
  • 51e14c0 Update generated random report
  • dc534bc Update to latest, safer npm packages


11 Oct 17:27
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ef2ea34 0.5.0
615553d Allow to define the length of the subscription grace time on the command line.
3ac87a1 Command line option -anonymized to provide an anonymized report for sharing
e78c175 Display votes and counts in tooltip
97944d6 Fix table layout of churned users
29aa64f Print report in landscape to display all content of tables, update random report.
0aadee2 Show plugin rating with exact number
5974e7c Show returned users in report and include in active user counts
ef5d8e5 minify report HTML


06 May 17:15
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bd3392b 7 days grace time instead of 3 days
e90b489 Add RefNum to the output
6a77935 Add search icons to monthly churned users
7fbac77 Exclude licenses when calculating the yearly churn. Churned free subscribers are still shown in the lists, though.
5262384 Fix displayed numbers of churned users (annual and total)
84f44cf Fix order of groups of churned users
8ddee42 Fix tooltip for churned annual users
94561ba Properly display type of churned users (annual/monthly) and fix grouping of annual/monthly subscriptions in the list of churned users of a month.
1294b8b Report percentage of sales to new customers in a month
abae250 Show badge "churned" in list of total sales for users, which churned in the past. New text input box in section "Sales" to filter the table by customer ID. Adds links on customer IDs to filter the table by that ID.
354d508 Show separate numbers for churn of annual and monthly subscribers. Fix calculation by using correct number of active customers.


04 Feb 12:46
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eda8d3d "This week" wasn't properly displayed on a sunday
531847a ARR is now the amount after fees were paid
4b4ca9d Display total number of countries
a83f597 Add glossary
ca23427 Fix computation of churned users for the current month
34988aa Fix handling of sales of current week.
efb8c05 Group churned users by months paid
128d394 Improvements to churned users table
17ecce9 Preliminary churn rate, which also takes care of annual subscriptions
c3e53cb Show "First Purchase" in table of churned monthly users.
db36978 Show downloads per year, update random report.
6ce3e8d Show number of churned users per month
ed09555 Show paid-out amount as ARR
76ddedd Small fixes in yearly reporting to adjust for new year
bcc04e7 Small updates of report rendering
7aa8ca4 Testing report of sales on weekdays
12e17ef Update the random report [ci skip]
3c34598 add fallback font to display Chinese and others.
bd58394 show "new" in sales table next to customer, who purchased for the first time.
83d9c65 update styling of "new" badge in sales list


24 Oct 09:27
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01b4723 Add new section on monthly growth
798b7fd Added tips & tricks
b10225f Bundle timezone data to fix windows builds #1
e4dd836 Code style
68feaad Fixed numbers in tooltip numbers A few more fixed for the total count of active customers
e99d3bb More data in the growth section. Add some descriptions to the report sections.
dc5f407 Report total number of customers
0a83665 Script to automatically update the random report html, pdf, and jpeg files.
4ee0f60 Show sales in sales table in the same order as the JetBrains sales tab: latest sales first
97c4cea Sort sales first by date before rendering the table, stable sort sales of the same day. Minor styling improvements.
4f7fb10 Stick menu to the top of the report when scrolled down. Fix bad month name at the end of the sales table.
dabd814 Trim the data read from the token file
67e0f86 Update report example.
455ddf3 Use stable sort
5a796c6 add navigation links to the header
cfc438f update readme with GO111MODULE=on
bc389a0 update report samples [ci skip]


15 Oct 10:15
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47213d7 Disable SVG for now, there seems to be an issue with fonts and font-styles.
be61819 Update with link to binaries.


15 Oct 09:31
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f43744c Add PDF report
0324c49 Add monthly downloads, report enhancements.
1a441b4 Add percentage of total sales to some of the tables.
419c02c Add random report generator, update license to Apache 2, fixes to report discovered with the random reports.
bfd884b Add section with the 5 oldest customers.
d167c3e Added a basic graph with monthly sales, downloads, and unique downloads.
050a1cc Adding goreleaser
18f3927 Cleanup
ba81a2b Initial commit
62f7f96 Initial commit and cleanup.
ba2f5d6 List individual sales on the report, insert sub-headings for the months
02bb61a Move sales tool to its own repository. [ci skip] Clean up of the report HTML rendering, go fmt, source code cleanup.
fd9a63c Small CSS fixes
f53c4f4 Update Readme
a31bdfe wip charts