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#!/usr/bin/env python
Script using boto and inotify to continually sync a directory to S3, and
generate an index.html for it.
##### This file is managed by privatepuppet::motion ######
import os
import sys
import argparse
import logging
import datetime
from boto.s3.connection import S3Connection
from boto.s3.key import Key
import pyinotify
from filechunkio import FileChunkIO
import math
FORMAT = "[%(asctime)s][%(levelname)s %(filename)s:%(lineno)s - %(funcName)20s() ] %(message)s"
logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO, format=FORMAT)
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
WATCH_TIMEOUT = 1000 # milliseconds
class S3IndexSync:
"""Sync a directory to S3, generating index.html for it"""
def run(self, bucket_name, path, prefix=''):
"""run the sync"""
self.prefix = prefix
logger.debug("connecting to S3")
self.conn = S3Connection()"Connected to S3")
logger.debug("Getting S3 bucket %s", bucket_name)
self.bucket = self.conn.get_bucket(bucket_name)
logger.debug("Got bucket")
self.bucket_endpoint = self.bucket.get_website_endpoint()
logger.debug("Bucket endpoint: %s", self.bucket_endpoint)
self.uploaded = self.get_current_keys()
logger.debug("Found %s uploaded files", len(self.uploaded))
def initial_sync(self, path):
"""synchronize all existing files"""
sync_files = []"Beginning initial file sync")
for fname in sorted(os.listdir(path), reverse=True):
k = os.path.join(self.prefix, fname)
if k in self.uploaded:
fpath = os.path.join(path, fname)
if not os.path.isfile(fpath):
self.upload_file(fpath, k, make_index=False)"Done with initial upload; generating index.html")
def sync_loop(self, path):
"""inotify-based file watcher""""Setting up inotify with watch on %s (timeout %s)", path,
self.wm = pyinotify.WatchManager()
self.wm.add_watch(path, WATCH_MASK, rec=True)
self.notifier = pyinotify.Notifier(self.wm, self.handle_inotify,
timeout=WATCH_TIMEOUT)"Processing events")
self.notifier.process_events()"Starting inotify loop")
while True:
if self.notifier.check_events():
except KeyboardInterrupt as ex:
raise ex
logger.exception("exception encountered while polling inotify")
def handle_inotify(self, event):
"""handle the inotify event"""
if event.dir:
logger.debug("Skipping directory event")"Got event for %s", event.pathname)
k = os.path.join(self.prefix, os.path.basename(event.pathname))
self.upload_file(event.pathname, k)
def upload_file(self, fpath, key_path, make_index=True):
"""upload file at fpath to bucket at key_path"""
fsize = os.stat(fpath).st_size
if fsize >= 15728640: # 15 MB
self.upload_large_file(fpath, key_path, fsize)
start ="Uploading %s to %s", fpath, key_path)
k = Key(self.bucket)
k.key = key_path
k.set_contents_from_filename(fpath)"Upload complete in %s", ( - start))
if key_path not in self.uploaded and make_index is True:
def upload_large_file(self, fpath, key_path, fsize):
upload a large file in multiple parts
from: <>
""""Doing multipart upload of %s to %s", fpath, key_path)
start =
mp = self.bucket.initiate_multipart_upload(key_path)
chunk_size = 15728640
chunk_count = int(math.ceil(fsize / float(chunk_size)))
logger.debug("Will upload %sb file as %s chunks, %sb each",
fsize, chunk_count, chunk_size)
# Send the file parts, using FileChunkIO to create a file-like object
# that points to a certain byte range within the original file. We
# set bytes to never exceed the original file size.
for i in range(chunk_count):
logger.debug("Uploading chunk %s", i)
offset = chunk_size * i
f_bytes = min(chunk_size, fsize - offset)
with FileChunkIO(fpath, 'r', offset=offset, bytes=f_bytes) as fp:
mp.upload_part_from_file(fp, part_num=i + 1)
logger.debug("Uploaded %s bytes", offset)
# Finish the upload
logger.debug("Done uploading chunks")
mp.complete_upload()"Upload complete in %s", ( - start))
def upload_index(self, content):
"""upload the index.html"""
key_path = os.path.join(self.prefix, 'index.html')
start ="Uploading index.html")
k = Key(self.bucket)
k.key = key_path
k.content_type = 'text/html'
k.set_contents_from_string(content)"Upload complete in %s", ( - start))
def make_index_html(self):
"""generate and upload a new index.html"""
url = 'http://%s/%s' % (self.bucket_endpoint, self.prefix)
html = "<html><head><title>%s</title></head>\n" % url
html += "<body><h2>%s</h2><ul>\n" % url
for fpath in sorted(self.uploaded):
furl = 'http://%s/%s' % (self.bucket_endpoint, fpath)
html += "<li><a href=\"%s\">%s</a></li>\n" % (furl, fpath)
html += "</ul></body></html>\n"
def get_current_keys(self):
"""return a list of the current keys (strings) in the bucket"""
keys = set()
if self.prefix != '':
prefix = self.prefix + '/'
l = self.bucket.list(prefix=prefix)
l = self.bucket.list()
for k in l:
return keys
def parse_args(argv):
parse arguments/options
this uses the new argparse module instead of optparse
see: <>
p = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='motion capture handler')
p.add_argument('-v', '--verbose', dest='verbose', action='count', default=0,
help='verbose output. specify twice for debug-level output.')
p.add_argument('-p', '--prefix', dest='prefix', action='store',
type=str, help='prefix to prepend to files in S3',
p.add_argument('-R', '--recursive', dest='recursive', action='store_true',
help='recursively check files; otherwise, just upload files'
' directly in the specified path', default=False)
p.add_argument('BUCKET_NAME', action='store', type=str,
help='s3 bucket name')
p.add_argument('PATH', action='store', type=str, help='path to sync')
args = p.parse_args(argv)
return args
if __name__ == "__main__":
args = parse_args(sys.argv[1:])
if args.verbose > 1:
elif args.verbose > 0:
if args.recursive:
raise NotImplementedError("recursive upload not implemented")
cls = S3IndexSync(), args.PATH, prefix=args.prefix)