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Project Status: Abandoned - Initial development has started, but there has not yet been a stable, usable release; the project has been abandoned and the author(s) do not intend on continuing development.

abandoned linux/python thermostat project

This was a project of mine quite a few years ago to write a thermostat in Python. It was developed for my apartment in college, which I shared with three roommates; the idea was to determine the union of all of our class and work schedules, and program the thermostat to only heat/cool the apartment when someone was there. This was before Linux-capable embedded systems were easy to obtain, so it ran on an old desktop sitting on the floor under where the original thermostat was. The project "worked" - we used it for a month or so - but had only a command-line interface available over SSH, so we ended up going back to the "normal" thermostat. I never took this further, but some of the code here might be useful.

I've discarded all history when I imported this to Git; I just imported a checkout of the CVS repository. What's here is actually a partial backup of the filesystem that ran this thing. The important parts are under:

It uses the Phidgets Python libraries (I'm sure ancient versions) to control the Phidgets USB relays, and uses something that I wrote to control a CrystalFontz CF635 USB LCD display.

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