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youkaichao youkaichao

a student from Thss

Beijing, China

Mike Feneley mikefeneley

Changing the world one byte at a time. Software engineer with an interest in security. Working for the day when computer security is 100 percent automated.


Manos Parzakonis IronistM

Data stuff...

@efood Athens, Greece

Valentina Fernandez Alanis vfalanis

I'm an Embedded Software Developer and Unix fan. Currently learning web development in my free time

Mexico City

Matt Adorjan mda590

AWS Solutions Architect | Cloud. Photography. Coffee. | Never stop learning.

Chicago, IL

Michal Paszkiewicz MichalPaszkiewicz

Just a guy who likes to make things @MichalYouDoing

Transport for London London, England

Carlos Toxtli toxtli

Senior Bot developer and Full-Stack developer with more than 15 years of experience.

WVU, Google, Freelance United States , Mexico

Ray Lugo, Jr. rlugojr

A Udacian who loves to code. Technology fascinates me and we live in a time of great innovations. I'm addicted to forking and spend most free time on GitHub!

New York, NY

Alexander Salas Bastidas ajsb85

Progressive Web Developer at @flyve-mdm

Teclib' / @teclib Barcelona, Spain

Claudio Rodriguez claudiordgz

Creative engineer with a passion for increasing value. Python, Machine Learning, Web Development

@coxmediagroup Atlanta, GA

Miglen Evlogiev miglen

ascii stupid ? get a stupid ansi

Dublin, Ireland

Grant Rostig grantrostig

Grant Rostig and Associates Austin, TX

bo.zhang jgig11 China

Ithoq Projosasmito ithoq

KENDIL.COM Yogyakarta, Indonesia

M.Mason masoncloud

MasonCloud Burbank, CA

Jon Robison narfman0

CMG, blasted studios, atlas labs 23508

Ellery Durgin ellery

Civitium, LLC / Crowd Fiber Summerville, GA

saasfreelancer saas786

Owner of WordPress Themes shop , freelance WordPress Developer, Food Enthusiast and a Proud Pakistani.


Adam Coddington coddingtonbear

Urban Airship Portland, Oregon, USA

Yves Hoppe yvesh

Love Joomla! & Arch Linux - Partner @compojoom

@compojoom Munich, Germany

Aaron Culich aculich

UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Jeremy T. Bouse jbouse

UnderGrid Network Services Atlanta, GA