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Ernest W. Durbin III ewdurbin

infra-team member for @python. caretaker of PyPI. co-chair @PyCon 2017. organizer of @CLEpy.

Cleveland, OH

Seth Vargo sethvargo

I am the Director of Technical Advocacy at @HashiCorp. I am an O'Reilly author, and I am passionate about reducing inequality in technology.

HashiCorp Pittsburgh, PA

Sean Davis sdigit

San Antonio, Texas

James Turnbull jamtur01

Australian author. CTO at Empatico. Previously CTO Kickstarter, OG Docker & Puppet. Likes tattoos, wine, and good food.

Brooklyn, New York

Domen Kožar domenkozar

Nix/Elm/Haskell purely functional developer. ex-pythonista Ljubljana, Slovenia

Nolan Brubaker nrb

Rackspace Goshen, IN

Frank Wiles frankwiles

President of @revsys and current President of the Django Software Foundation

Revolution Systems Lawrence, KS

Caleb Smith calebsmith

Caktus Consulting Group LLC Chapel Hill, NC

Adam Coddington coddingtonbear

Urban Airship Portland, Oregon, USA

Kurtis Mullins kurtismullins

Software Developer SW Ohio

Ashley Penney apenney

Maxwell Health Boston, MA

Nan Liu nanliu

Intel Portland, OR

Will Farrington wfarr

wfarr systems Atlanta, GA

Jeremy T. Bouse jbouse

UnderGrid Network Services Atlanta, GA

Paul Bissex pbx

Software Engineer of business-critical web applications Greenfield MA USA

Justin Caratzas bigjust

Director of Technology, Narrative Content Group


Daniel Schauenberg mrtazz

Infrastructure Engineer at Etsy. A Cheap Trick and a Cheesy One-Liner. git and a Makefile. Feminist.

@etsy Brooklyn

Bruno Bronosky RichardBronosky

A hacker of everything, I love automating difficult tasks. If that means scripting myself out of a job, so be it. Though I've been at my current job since 2007.

Cox Media Group Technology Atlanta, GA

Shaun Duncan shaunduncan

Pindrop Security Atlanta, GA

Johnny Preyer jpreyer Atlanta, GA