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Version 2.2.0
- `ready` event and timing change for `activate` event
- Escape HTML to prevent XSS
- Avoid bug when values contain double quotes
- Fix jasmine specs
- Fix filename for better compatibility with rails asset pipeline
Version 2.1.1
- Updated the location of "include_root_in_json" for mongoid > 3.0
Version 2.1
- Dispatch events for various state transitions
Version 2.0.2
- In the two default editors, pressing ESC aborts the editing process.
Version 2.0.1
- Removed dependency on ActiveRecord and support spying the
`include_root_in_json` setting from `Mongoid.config` if Mongoid is used.
Version 2.0
Major overhaul of the entire project.
- No more standalone
Since I don't think anyone is using this in a different way, REST in Place is
now a pure Rails 3.1 gemplugin using the asset pipeline
- Specs
To facilitate development of new features and refactoring, the app now has a
Jasmine spec suite in the testapp. It can be run by visiting
- CoffeeScript
Because if you're not using CoffeScript there's something wrong with you. It
makes JavaScript bearable again.
- Proper CSRF token support
This was hacky in the past but for a while Rails includes a standard mechanism
for providing CSRF information to JavaScript running on the page.
- Automatic detection of `include_root_in_json` setting in Rails
Through the magic of erb and the asset pipeline, REST in Place can detect
how you've configured ActiveRecord.
- **BC breaking interface changes**
Two major things have changed that might trip you up:
- The default css class for REST in Place is now `rest-in-place` and not
- Elements with that default class are initialized automatically on
- The jQuery function to intialize elements with a REST in Place Editor was
renamed from `rest_in_place()` to `restInPlace()`.