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Data for a UserR! 2016 talk
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Data for a UserR! 2016 talk

This repository contains a UseR! talk that tries to show how Julia achieves performance. This is done by comparing an implementation of the colMeans function in Julia.

colMeans(), in R, calls the do_colsums() function written in C. To compute 1000 invocations of colMeans on a 100,000 element complex Vector takes 2 secs on my underpowered MacBook.

Implemented in pure R, and using the optimization level 3 of the GNU R bytecode compiler, the comptuation takes about 30 secs.

A straightforward Julia implementation takes .2 seconds.


  • fix bug in the colMeans code, for complex, res is dropping values

  • fix bug in the typmin for Complex, NaN can't be compared

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