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Metacello is a package management system for Smalltalk
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INSTALL Preview Version

"Get the Metacello configuration"
Gofer new
  gemsource: 'metacello';
  package: 'ConfigurationOfMetacello';

"Bootstrap Metacello 1.0-beta.32, using mcz files"
((Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfMetacello) project 
  version: '1.0-beta.32') load.

"Load the Preview version of Metacello from GitHub"
(Smalltalk at: #Metacello) new
  configuration: 'MetacelloPreview';
  version: #stable;
  repository: 'github://dalehenrich/metacello-work:configuration';

GemStone2.4, PharoCore 1.3, PharoCore 1.4 and Squeak4.3 are currently supported.

If you are interested in using GitHub with the Metacello Preview, you should check out Getting Started with GitHub, the Metacello User Guide, and the Metacello Scripting API.

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