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Ema Personal Wiki is a notebook with linkable pages for tracking your ideas, information, todo lists, tasks, bookmarks, projects, notes, brainstorms - in short, your life - in the most flexible way.

Create pages with information, and link these pages by simply using a WikiWord on another page. This keeps you completely in charge of how you want to organize your personal notebook.

It has two versions: an Android and a Windows version, which are synchronized with your Dropbox account.

The repository has:

  • AndroidClient: current production version, quite old now, and with some issues
  • DesktopClient: Windows client
  • EmaXamarin: the new mobile client, developed in Xamarin.Forms, with an Android client for now. This one is available in Beta in the Google Play store.
  • Installer: the installer for the Windows client
  • ema-man: images for the manual. Good that I have these, I should update the dead links to images in the manual to these.
  • lib: dll's needed for the Windows client (from the pre-nuget era)
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