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== Complaints ==

I prefer read news in console - no pictures floating around to attract me away there. I also love the convinient provided by mutt, as Zed Shaw <>. Zed finally find a mutt-like console news reader named newsbeuter, while I choose to write my own. The reasons I don't like newsbeuter (though I think it's good enough) are:

  * It's not 100% like mutt. The only program 100% like mutt is mutt.
  * It can't be run as a daemon. I need to put it in screen to keep it running. Why nobody make sth. like mutt + msmtp?
  * The most important, it crashes every hour on my machine.

== NewsMailer ==

So NewsMailer comes. I build it in a rails framework only because Rails integrates many useful tools like rake and ActiveRecord. NewsMailer will be easily ported to work without Rails (not now, I just want to read my news asap). Another advantage is with Rails I can build a Web UI for NewsMailer, so I can run it as daemon on remote machine, control it remotely.

NewsMailer is in development, but good enough to use now. When running it will read updates from your feeds timely (according to your crontab setting), sending new articles to your inbox, and you can use mutt to read then.

Features I think interesting:

  * Import from newsbeuter's urls file.
  * Concurrent fetch.
  * Prefetch link in articles of Programming Reddit channel. Of course you can define your own prefetch rules for /. or YC.

Features I plan to implement:

  * Firefox integration.
  * Import from OPML
  * Maybe you can suggest some more.

== Howto ==

  1. Clone it
  2. Modify config/environment.rb
  3. rake db:create && rake db:migrate
  4. create an user for yourself by using the web UI or script/console
  5. Import feeds by rake import:list, web UI, or script/console
  6. Add 'rake crawler:run' to your crontab
  7. You can set your prefetch rules in web UI. ( for Reddit you can set this in its 'Prefetch URL Pattern field: <a href="([a-z\-_\/0-9:.?=]+)">\[link\]<\/a> )
  8. Wait and find news in your inbox. (news will be send to your registered account's email address)

Jan <jan dot h dot xie at gmail dot com>