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Andy Wingo, Geiser's first user, has been a continuous source of
encouragement and suggestions, and keeps improving Guile and heeding
my feature requests.
The nice thing about collaborating with Andreas Rottmann over all
these years is that he will not only make your project better with
insightful comments and prodding: he'll send you patches galore too.
Ludovic Courtès, #geiser's citizen no. 1, joined the fun after a
while, and has since then been a continuous source of encouragement,
ideas and bug reports.
Eduardo Cavazos' contagious enthusiasm has helped in many ways to keep
Geiser alive, and he's become its best evangelist in R6RS circles.
Eli Barzilay took the time to play with an early alpha and made many
valuable suggestions, besides answering all my 'how do you in PLT'
Matthew Flatt, Robby Findler and the rest of the PLT team did not only
answer my inquiries, but provided almost instant fixes to the few
issues i found.
Thanks also to the PLT and Guile communities, for showing me that
Geiser was not only possible, but a pleasure to hack on. And to the
Slime hackers, who led the way.
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