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Installing Geiser.
Geiser is usable from its source tree, with no configuration
whatsoever, or can be installed from ELPA with `M-x install-package'
is Marmalade is in your list of archives. You can also (byte) compile
and install it with the usual configure/make/make install dance.
* From ELPA
Add Marmalade to your `package-archives' list:
(require 'package)
(add-to-list 'package-archives
'("marmalade" . ""))
and run `M-x install-package RET geiser`. You can also use as a repo,
or download directly the package from there and use M-x
* In place
- Extract the tarball or clone the git repository anywhere in your
file system. Let's call that place <path-to-geiser>.
- In your .emacs:
(load-file "<path-to-geiser>/elisp/geiser.el")
* Byte-compiled
- Create a build directory, `build', say:
$ cd <path-to-geiser>
$ mkdir build; cd build
- Configure and make:
$ ../configure && make
Now, you can use the byte-compiled Geiser in place by adding to
your .emacs:
(load "<path-to-geiser>/build/elisp/geiser-load")
or, alternatively, install it with:
$ make install
(you might need to get root access, depending on your installation
directory) and, instead of the above load forms, require
'geiser-install (not 'geiser, mind you) in your emacs
initialization file:
(require 'geiser-install)
* Chicken Addendum
These steps are necessary to fully support Chicken Scheme, but are
not required for any other scheme.
- Install the necessary support eggs:
$ chicken-install -s apropos chicken-doc
- Update the Chicken documentation database:
$ cd `csi -p '(chicken-home)'`
$ curl | sudo tar zx
You're ready to go!
Geiser's makefile accepts also all those other standard autotools
targets that you've come to know and love and that are documented
in virtually all boilerplate INSTALL files out there.
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