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* Version 0.7 "Freija" (Feb 21, 2015)
This release is dedicated to Dan's three-months-old daughter Freija,
who shared her dad's lap with his laptop while he was hacking on the
new Chicken scheme support for Geiser.
New features:
- Chicken support, by Dan Leslie.
Improved features:
- `company-mode' support completed with a method for `doc-buffer'.
- Support for multiple image display in Racket, including image
objects embedded in structured values (thanks to Greg Hendershott).
* Version 0.6 (Aug 9, 2014)
New features:
- New customizable variables `geiser-debug-jump-to-debug-p` and
- Better fontification of some scheme keywords (thanks to Diogo
F. S. Ramos).
Bug fixes:
- Better support for Typed Racket: (re)definitions now work for
typed/racket modules (thanks to Sam Tobin-Hochstadt).
- Better behaviour for geiser-eval-buffer in racket
buffers that contain a #lang directive. But you'd better use C-c
C-k instead.
- Better behaviour of C-c C-c when interrupting looping functions
in the REPL.
- Fixes for Makefile target html-am (as in now it works).
* Version 0.5 (Dec 9, 2013)
New features:
- Geiser is now available from MELPA, with the help of Steve Purcell.
- Racket: new commands geiser-racket-{show, hide, toggle}-submodules,
for folding submodule forms in code buffers.
- Racket: interaction with submodules (entering them and evaluation
within their scope).
- New commands geiser-eval-buffer (C-c C-b) and
geiser-eval-buffer-and-go (C-c M-b), by Nick Parker.
- Pressing return on a previous expression in the REPL will resend
it, by Darren Hoo.
- Improvements to syntax highlighting (define/match in racket).
- Version checks for the underlying Scheme process, thanks to an
idea of B Batsov.
Bug fixes:
- Autodoc for Guile 2.0.9+'s subr fixed, thanks to Ludovic Courtès.
- Fixed problem when saving REPL history that contained non-ASCII
chars: all UTF-8 characters should be fair game now.
- Fixed problems with geiser-doc's history being handled by
session.el (by not letting the latter handle it).
- Paths in `geiser-load-path' are now also added to
`%load-compiled-path'. Ditto for paths added via
- Compatibility fixes for Emacs snapshots.
* Version 0.4 (May 2, 2013)
New features:
- New command geiser-insert-lambda, bound to C-c \ in Scheme
buffers (thanks to Ray Racine).
- Configurable case-sensitivity when highlighting keywords (thanks
to Diogo F.S. Ramos), via geiser-guile-case-sensitive-p and
- C-u C-x C-e to insert evaluation result in buffer (thanks to
- New flag geiser-repl-query-on-kill-p to control whether emacs
will ask for confirmation before killing a buffer with a live
REPL process.
- New flag geiser-mode-start-repl-p to tell Geiser to start a new
REPL if one isn't active when geiser-mode is activated.
Bug fixes:
- Filename completion should also work in emacs 23.2 now.
- Racket filenames with spaces no longer break Geiser when entering
them (thanks to Diogo).
- The REPL no longer hangs when company-mode is active (thanks to
Aleix Conchillo).
- Help manual lookup in Racket fixed for #lang racket/base modules.
* Version 0.3 (Jan 19, 2013)
New features:
- TAB in a string context in the REPL and Scheme buffers triggers
filename completion.
- User manual lookup command (C-c C-d i) available also in the
- New REPL command, geiser-repl-clear-buffer (C-c M-o), to remove
all scheme output (thanks to Jonas Rodrigues).
- Indentation of scheme forms improved..
Bug fixes:
- Racket: fixes for problems entering modules sans main.rkt.
- Racket: image support in Windows fixed.
* Version 0.2.2 (Sep 30, 2012)
- ELPA support. We have now ELPA packages. Thanks to Grant Rettke
and Daniel Hackney.
* Version 0.2.1 (Sep 15, 2012)
Bug fixes:
- Racket: correctly reloading modules that contain submodules (this
one was breaking for instance code based on plai-typed).
- Racket: correctly jumping to symbols defined in files with .ss
New features:
- Racket: autodoc now displays argument names for constructors
defined by define-type (from either plai or plai-type).
- Racket: the included script takes a new switch,
-n, to specify the network interface to listen to.
* Version 0.2 (Sep 3, 2012)
New features:
- Support for images in Racket, both in the REPL and during
evaluations. Thanks to Michael Wilber for code, discussion and
- Support for Racket 5.3. Older Rackets not actively supported.
- ,cd command in Racket's REPL.
- New customizable variable, geiser-guile-manual-lookup-nodes, to
specify the name of Guile's info nodes, if need be.
Bug fixes:
- We don't deactivate autodoc in the REPL unless requested.
- Indentation for syntax-id-rules and for/hash.
- Highlighting of [else forms in scheme buffers.
- Indentation for all 'for' forms in Racket.
- Correctly buttonizing paths with leading spaces in DBG buffers
- Autodoc was being deactivated in REPLs.
* Version 0.1.4 (Nov 26, 2011)
New features:
- Indentation for Racket's splicing-let and friends.
- Customizable prompt waiting time (geiser-repl-startup-time).
- New customizable faces: geiser-font-lock-repl-prompt and
Bug fixes:
- C-c C-r and friends won't send unbalanced sexps to Scheme.
- C-c C-z works after run-geiser in a Scheme buffer.
- REPL: TAB indenting around whitespace.
- Racket: correct display of output to standard error (such as
- Guile: ditto.
- Elisp: compatibility problems with filladapt fixed.
- Racket: autodoc in R5RS modules.
* Version 0.1.3 (Jun 24, 2011)
Bug fixes:
- The REPL doesn't break when one calls read (fixes bug #33090).
- In Guile buffers, C-c C-a (a.k.a C-u C-c C-z) recognizes the
current module even before the define-module form (fixes bug
- Racket can now use the GUI libraries (see bug #32844).
- Texinfo formatting fixes.
* Version 0.1.2 (Mar 9, 2011)
New features:
- New C-c C-e C-l (or C-c C-r in REPL) to add a directory to
Scheme's load path.
- Guile 2.0 as lowest Guile version supported.
- New custom variable, geiser-guile-load-init-file-p, to allow
loading of ~/.guile.
Bug fixes:
- We no longer ignore geiser-repl-use-other-window.
- Company mode integration fixes (including #32231).
- M-x geiser-edit-module in REPL buffers fixed.
- We now respect user customizations of geiser-implementations-alist.
- Interaction with Guile's debugger fixed.
- "Clickable" paths in warnings buffer also for Guile 2.0.
- Fix for errors when entering r5rs modules in Racket.
* Version 0.1.1 (Jan 24, 2011)
New features:
- "Manual autodoc" command; C-c C-d s.
- Autodoc retrieval is now asynchronous, for better behaviour in
remote connections.
- New C-c C-a to switch to REPL and enter module (C-c C-Z was broken).
- Racket: ',enter "foo"' as a synonym of ',enter (file "foo")'.
- Documentation typos, and grammar and layout fixes.
Bug fixes:
- Avoiding *spurious* buffers in case of communication errors.
- REPL: fixed problem with input history navigation in Racket.
- Autodoc no longer skips non-alphanumeric identifiers.
- Autodoc messages no longer interfere with active minibuffer.
- Fix for module name completion in Guile.
- Quack compatibility: avoiding problems with #f &c.
* Version 0.1 (Dec 20, 2010)
Initial release.
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