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name: xmobar
version: 0.24.5
synopsis: A Minimalistic Text Based Status Bar
description: Xmobar is a minimalistic text based status bar.
Inspired by the Ion3 status bar, it supports similar
features, like dynamic color management, output templates,
and extensibility through plugins.
category: System
license: BSD3
license-file: license
author: Andrea Rossato and Jose A. Ortega Ruiz
maintainer: Jose A. Ortega Ruiz <>
cabal-version: >= 1.6
build-type: Simple
samples/xmobar.config, samples/xmonadpropwrite.hs
source-repository head
type: git
location: git://
branch: master
flag with_xft
description: Use Xft to render text. UTF-8 support included.
default: False
flag with_utf8
description: With UTF-8 support.
default: True
flag with_inotify
description: inotify support (modern Linux only). Required for the Mail and MBox plugins.
default: False
flag with_iwlib
description: Wireless info support. Required for the Wireless plugin, needs iwlib installed.
default: False
flag with_mpd
description: MPD support. Needs libmpd installed.
default: False
flag all_extensions
description: Includes all optional extensions.
default: False
flag with_alsa
description: Use alsa-mixer to get the volume from soundcards.
default: False
flag with_datezone
description: Enables localized date support.
default: False
flag with_mpris
description: MPRIS v1, v2 support.
default: False
flag with_dbus
description: Publish a service on the session bus for controlling xmobar.
default: False
flag with_xpm
description: Enable usage of xpm for icons
default: False
flag with_threaded
description: Use threaded runtime.
default: False
flag with_rtsopts
description: Use -with-rtsopts=-V0 to reduce wakeups
default: True
flag with_uvmeter
description: UVMeter only useful to australians.
default: False
flag with_conduit
description: Use http-conduits for getting weather data
default: False
executable xmobar
hs-source-dirs: src
main-is: Main.hs
Xmobar, Actions, Bitmap, Config, Parsers, Commands, Localize,
XUtil, StatFS, Runnable, ColorCache, Window, Signal,
Plugins, Plugins.BufferedPipeReader,
Plugins.CommandReader, Plugins.Date, Plugins.EWMH,
Plugins.PipeReader, Plugins.MarqueePipeReader,
Plugins.StdinReader, Plugins.XMonadLog,
Plugins.Utils, Plugins.Kbd, Plugins.Locks, Plugins.Monitors,
Plugins.Monitors.Batt, Plugins.Monitors.Common,
Plugins.Monitors.CoreCommon, Plugins.Monitors.CoreTemp,
Plugins.Monitors.CpuFreq, Plugins.Monitors.Cpu,
Plugins.Monitors.Disk, Plugins.Monitors.Mem,
Plugins.Monitors.MultiCpu, Plugins.Monitors.Net,
Plugins.Monitors.Swap, Plugins.Monitors.Thermal,
Plugins.Monitors.ThermalZone, Plugins.Monitors.Top,
Plugins.Monitors.Uptime, Plugins.Monitors.Weather,
Plugins.Monitors.Bright, Plugins.Monitors.CatInt,
ghc-options: -funbox-strict-fields -Wall -fno-warn-unused-do-bind
extra-libraries: Xrandr Xrender
base == 4.*,
X11 >= 1.6.1,
mtl >= 2.1 && < 2.3,
parsec == 3.1.*,
HTTP >= 4000.2.4,
stm >= 2.3 && < 2.5
if flag(with_conduit)
-- use http-conduit instead of simple-http
build-depends: http-conduit, http-types
cpp-options: -DHTTP_CONDUIT
if flag(with_threaded)
-- -threaded is a workaround for 100% CPU busy loop
-- (
-- See also comments in
ghc-options: -threaded
if flag(with_rtsopts)
ghc-options: -with-rtsopts=-V0
if flag(with_xft) || flag(all_extensions)
build-depends: utf8-string >= 0.3 && < 1.1, X11-xft >= 0.2 && < 0.4
other-modules: MinXft
cpp-options: -DXFT
if flag(with_utf8) || flag(all_extensions)
build-depends: utf8-string >= 0.3 && < 1.1
cpp-options: -DUTF8
if flag(with_inotify) || flag(all_extensions)
build-depends: hinotify == 0.3.*
other-modules: Plugins.Mail, Plugins.MBox
cpp-options: -DINOTIFY
if flag(with_iwlib) || flag(all_extensions)
extra-libraries: iw
other-modules: IWlib, Plugins.Monitors.Wireless
cpp-options: -DIWLIB
if flag(with_mpd) || flag(all_extensions)
build-depends: libmpd >=
other-modules: Plugins.Monitors.MPD
cpp-options: -DLIBMPD
if flag(with_alsa) || flag(all_extensions)
build-depends: alsa-mixer >
build-depends: alsa-core == 0.5.*
other-modules: Plugins.Monitors.Volume
cpp-options: -DALSA
if flag(with_datezone) || flag(all_extensions)
build-depends: timezone-olson == 0.1.*, timezone-series == 0.1.*
other-modules: Plugins.DateZone
cpp-options: -DDATEZONE
if flag(with_mpris) || flag(all_extensions)
build-depends: dbus >= 0.10
other-modules: Plugins.Monitors.Mpris
cpp-options: -DMPRIS
if flag(with_dbus) || flag(all_extensions)
build-depends: dbus >= 0.10
other-modules: IPC.DBus
cpp-options: -DDBUS
if flag(with_xpm) || flag(all_extensions)
extra-libraries: Xpm
other-modules: XPMFile
cpp-options: -DXPM
if flag(with_uvmeter)
cpp-options: -DUVMETER