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Faucethub Auto Faucet Floodgate Script
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Want to make a faucet of your own? This site has good free PHP hosting!


  1. On Faucet Hubʼs manager page, make sure that the faucet is set up under the “PTP” and “Mining” categories! If it isnʼt, users could get their accounts frozen for claiming too often!

  2. Put everything in the document root of your site

  3. Edit 'config.template.php', then rename it to 'config.php'

    • Every important setting is in 'config.php', so read it carefully!

    • If you donʼt know how to edit it, you probably shouldnʼt be running a faucet in the first place.

  4. Rename the 'custom_templates/' directory to 'custom/', then edit the files inside of it

  5. Everything should work now; get some people to claim from your faucet!

  6. ???

  7. PROFIT!!!


The code is currently developed and tested using PHP 7.1; it requires the allow_url_fopen = 1 'php.ini' directive set (this is the default).

Updating the faucet

Moving to a different MAJOR version (such as from 3.x.x to 4.x.x) requires you to re-install the entire faucet script from scratch. Do not attempt to update in-place.

For MINOR updates (such as from x.2.x to x.3.x):

  • Read the release description for any special instructions

  • Overwrite all the files on the server with the new versions

  • Check 'config.template.php' for new values, and merge them into your 'config.php'

  • Check the 'custom_temlates/' directory for new templates, move and edit any that you find

For PATCH updates (x.x.0 to x.x.1, etc.), you can simply overwrite the files.

If you are feeling a little confused as to what MAJOR, MINOR, and PATCH versions are, please read Semantic Versioning (2.0.0).

Custom Files


Included at the bottom of the claim page, for ads to be shown a ton of times.


For ‘quality’ ads — ads that shouldnʼt be shown on the automatic pages. If an advertiser says that auto-refreshers arenʼt allowed, put their ad in this file instead of 'ads.php'.


Extra form elements to add to the entry form on 'index.php'. (Can be left empty.)


For options that affect payout amounts. Included by 'faucet.php'. (Can also be left empty.)


Included in the <head> tag of every page, for anti-adblock and IDL scripts, google analytics, etc.


Put sponsored sites here; it is included in the middle of the claim page.


This file contains the navbar at the top of most of the faucet pages. You can add and remove links here.

How to un-ban IP addresses

Open your '.htaccess' file and remove the line deny from IP, where IP is the IP address to un-ban.

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