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from nltk.tag.sequential import SequentialBackoffTagger
from nltk.probability import FreqDist
from nltk.tag import ClassifierBasedPOSTagger, TaggerI, str2tuple
from nltk_trainer.featx import phonetics
from nltk_trainer.featx.metaphone import dm
class PhoneticClassifierBasedPOSTagger(ClassifierBasedPOSTagger):
def __init__(self, double_metaphone=False, metaphone=False, soundex=False, nysiis=False, caverphone=False, *args, **kwargs):
self.funs = {}
if double_metaphone:
self.funs['double-metaphone'] = lambda s: dm(unicode(s))
if metaphone:
self.funs['metaphone'] = phonetics.metaphone
if soundex:
self.funs['soundex'] = phonetics.soundex
if nysiis:
self.funs['nysiis'] = phonetics.nysiis
if caverphone:
self.funs['caverphone'] = phonetics.caverphone
# for some reason don't get self.funs if this is done first, but works if done last
ClassifierBasedPOSTagger.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
def feature_detector(self, tokens, index, history):
feats = ClassifierBasedPOSTagger.feature_detector(self, tokens, index, history)
s = tokens[index]
for key, fun in self.funs.iteritems():
feats[key] = fun(s)
return feats
class MaxVoteBackoffTagger(SequentialBackoffTagger):
def __init__(self, *taggers):
self._taggers = taggers
def choose_tag(self, tokens, index, history):
tags = FreqDist()
for tagger in self._taggers:, index, history))
return tags.max()
class PatternTagger(TaggerI):
def tag(self, tokens):
# don't import at top since don't want to fail if not installed
from pattern.en import parse
# we don't want chunk tags, and not tokenizing ensures that the number
# of tagged tokens returned is the same as the number of input tokens
return [str2tuple(s) for s in parse(u' '.join(tokens), chunks=False, tokenize=False).split(u' ')]
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