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from __future__ import print_statement
Python dot expression completion using Pymacs.
This almost certainly needs work, but if you add
(require 'pycomplete)
to your .xemacs/init.el file (untried w/ GNU Emacs so far) and have Pymacs
installed, when you hit M-TAB it will try to complete the dot expression
before point. For example, given this import at the top of the file:
import time
typing "" then hitting M-TAB should complete "time.clock".
This is unlikely to be done the way Emacs completion ought to be done, but
it's a start. Perhaps someone with more Emacs mojo can take this stuff and
do it right.
See pycomplete.el for the Emacs Lisp side of things.
import sys
import os.path
x = set
except NameError:
from sets import Set as set
del x
def get_all_completions(s, imports=None):
"""Return contextual completion of s (string of >= zero chars).
If given, imports is a list of import statements to be executed first.
locald = {}
if imports is not None:
for stmt in imports:
exec stmt in globals(), locald
except TypeError:
raise TypeError, "invalid type: %s" % stmt
dots = s.split(".")
if not s or len(dots) == 1:
keys = set()
import __builtin__
keys = list(keys)
if s:
return [k for k in keys if k.startswith(s)]
return keys
sym = None
for i in range(1, len(dots)):
s = ".".join(dots[:i])
sym = eval(s, globals(), locald)
except NameError:
sym = __import__(s, globals(), locald, [])
except ImportError:
return []
if sym is not None:
s = dots[-1]
return [k for k in dir(sym) if k.startswith(s)]
def pycomplete(s, imports=None):
completions = get_all_completions(s, imports)
dots = s.split(".")
return os.path.commonprefix([k[len(dots[-1]):] for k in completions])
if __name__ == "__main__":
print("<empty> ->", pycomplete(""))
print("sys.get ->", pycomplete("sys.get"))
print("sy ->", pycomplete("sy"))
print("sy (sys in context) ->", pycomplete("sy", imports=["import sys"]))
print("foo. ->", pycomplete("foo."))
print("Enc (email * imported) ->",)
print(pycomplete("Enc", imports=["from email import *"]))
print("E (email * imported) ->",)
print(pycomplete("E", imports=["from email import *"]))
print("Enc ->", pycomplete("Enc"))
print("E ->", pycomplete("E"))
# Local Variables :
# pymacs-auto-reload : t
# End :
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