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import os
from scrapy.utils.request import request_fingerprint
from scrapy.utils.job import job_dir
class BaseDupeFilter(object):
def from_settings(cls, settings):
return cls()
def request_seen(self, request):
return False
def open(self): # can return deferred
def close(self, reason): # can return a deferred
class RFPDupeFilter(BaseDupeFilter):
"""Request Fingerprint duplicates filter"""
def __init__(self, path=None):
self.file = None
self.fingerprints = set()
if path:
self.file = open(os.path.join(path, 'requests.seen'), 'a+')
self.fingerprints.update(x.rstrip() for x in self.file)
def from_settings(cls, settings):
return cls(job_dir(settings))
def request_seen(self, request):
fp = request_fingerprint(request)
if fp in self.fingerprints:
return True
if self.file:
self.file.write(fp + os.linesep)
def close(self, reason):
if self.file:
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