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import os
from twisted.python.failure import Failure
class LogFormatter(object):
"""Class for generating log messages for different actions. All methods
must return a plain string which doesn't include the log level or the
def crawled(self, request, response, spider):
referer = request.headers.get('Referer')
flags = ' %s' % str(response.flags) if response.flags else ''
return u"Crawled (%d) %s (referer: %s)%s" % (response.status, \
request, referer, flags)
def scraped(self, item, response, spider):
src = response.getErrorMessage() if isinstance(response, Failure) else response
return u"Scraped from %s%s%s" % (src, os.linesep, item)
def dropped(self, item, exception, response, spider):
return u"Dropped: %s%s%s" % (exception, os.linesep, item)
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