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Scrapy Shell
See documentation in docs/topics/shell.rst
import signal
from twisted.internet import reactor, threads
from w3lib.url import any_to_uri
from scrapy.item import BaseItem
from scrapy.spider import BaseSpider
from scrapy.selector import XPathSelector, XmlXPathSelector, HtmlXPathSelector
from scrapy.utils.spider import create_spider_for_request
from scrapy.utils.misc import load_object
from scrapy.utils.request import request_deferred
from scrapy.utils.response import open_in_browser
from scrapy.utils.console import start_python_console
from scrapy.settings import Settings
from scrapy.http import Request, Response, HtmlResponse, XmlResponse
class Shell(object):
relevant_classes = (BaseSpider, Request, Response, BaseItem, \
XPathSelector, Settings)
def __init__(self, crawler, update_vars=None, inthread=False, code=None):
self.crawler = crawler
self.update_vars = update_vars or (lambda x: None)
self.item_class = load_object(crawler.settings['DEFAULT_ITEM_CLASS'])
self.spider = None
self.inthread = inthread
self.code = code
self.vars = {}
def start(self, *a, **kw):
# disable accidental Ctrl-C key press from shutting down the engine
signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, signal.SIG_IGN)
if self.inthread:
return threads.deferToThread(self._start, *a, **kw)
self._start(*a, **kw)
def _start(self, url=None, request=None, response=None, spider=None):
if url:
self.fetch(url, spider)
elif request:
self.fetch(request, spider)
elif response:
request = response.request
self.populate_vars(response, request, spider)
if self.code:
print eval(self.code, globals(), self.vars)
def _schedule(self, request, spider):
spider = self._open_spider(request, spider)
d = request_deferred(request)
d.addCallback(lambda x: (x, spider))
self.crawler.engine.crawl(request, spider)
return d
def _open_spider(self, request, spider):
if self.spider:
return self.spider
if spider is None:
spider = create_spider_for_request(self.crawler.spiders, request, \
BaseSpider('default'), log_multiple=True)
self.crawler.engine.open_spider(spider, close_if_idle=False)
self.spider = spider
return spider
def fetch(self, request_or_url, spider=None):
if isinstance(request_or_url, Request):
request = request_or_url
url = request.url
url = any_to_uri(request_or_url)
request = Request(url, dont_filter=True)
request.meta['handle_httpstatus_all'] = True
response = None
response, spider = threads.blockingCallFromThread(reactor, \
self._schedule, request, spider)
self.populate_vars(response, request, spider)
def populate_vars(self, response=None, request=None, spider=None):
self.vars['item'] = self.item_class()
self.vars['settings'] = self.crawler.settings
self.vars['spider'] = spider
self.vars['request'] = request
self.vars['response'] = response
self.vars['xxs'] = XmlXPathSelector(response) \
if isinstance(response, XmlResponse) else None
self.vars['hxs'] = HtmlXPathSelector(response) \
if isinstance(response, HtmlResponse) else None
if self.inthread:
self.vars['fetch'] = self.fetch
self.vars['view'] = open_in_browser
self.vars['shelp'] = self.print_help
if not self.code:
def print_help(self):
self.p("Available Scrapy objects:")
for k, v in sorted(self.vars.iteritems()):
if self._is_relevant(v):
self.p(" %-10s %s" % (k, v))
self.p("Useful shortcuts:")
self.p(" shelp() Shell help (print this help)")
if self.inthread:
self.p(" fetch(req_or_url) Fetch request (or URL) and update local objects")
self.p(" view(response) View response in a browser")
def p(self, line=''):
print "[s] %s" % line
def _is_relevant(self, value):
return isinstance(value, self.relevant_classes)
def inspect_response(response, spider=None):
"""Open a shell to inspect the given response"""
from scrapy.project import crawler
Shell(crawler).start(response=response, spider=spider)
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