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Scrapy web services extension
See docs/topics/webservice.rst
from twisted.web import server, error
from scrapy.xlib.pydispatch import dispatcher
from scrapy.exceptions import NotConfigured
from scrapy import log, signals
from scrapy.utils.jsonrpc import jsonrpc_server_call
from scrapy.utils.serialize import ScrapyJSONEncoder, ScrapyJSONDecoder
from scrapy.utils.misc import load_object
from scrapy.utils.txweb import JsonResource as JsonResource_
from scrapy.utils.reactor import listen_tcp
from scrapy.utils.conf import build_component_list
class JsonResource(JsonResource_):
def __init__(self, crawler, target=None):
self.crawler = crawler
self.json_encoder = ScrapyJSONEncoder(crawler=crawler)
class JsonRpcResource(JsonResource):
def __init__(self, crawler, target=None):
JsonResource.__init__(self, crawler, target)
self.json_decoder = ScrapyJSONDecoder(crawler=crawler)
self.crawler = crawler
self._target = target
def render_GET(self, txrequest):
return self.get_target()
def render_POST(self, txrequest):
reqstr = txrequest.content.getvalue()
target = self.get_target()
return jsonrpc_server_call(target, reqstr, self.json_decoder)
def getChild(self, name, txrequest):
target = self.get_target()
newtarget = getattr(target, name)
return JsonRpcResource(newtarget)
except AttributeError:
return error.NoResource("No such child resource.")
def get_target(self):
return self._target
class RootResource(JsonResource):
def render_GET(self, txrequest):
return {'resources': self.children.keys()}
def getChild(self, name, txrequest):
if name == '':
return self
return JsonResource.getChild(self, name, txrequest)
class WebService(server.Site):
def __init__(self, crawler):
if not crawler.settings.getbool('WEBSERVICE_ENABLED'):
raise NotConfigured
self.crawler = crawler
logfile = crawler.settings['WEBSERVICE_LOGFILE']
self.portrange = map(int, crawler.settings.getlist('WEBSERVICE_PORT')) = crawler.settings['WEBSERVICE_HOST']
root = RootResource(crawler)
reslist = build_component_list(crawler.settings['WEBSERVICE_RESOURCES_BASE'], \
for res_cls in map(load_object, reslist):
res = res_cls(crawler)
root.putChild(res.ws_name, res)
server.Site.__init__(self, root, logPath=logfile)
self.noisy = False
dispatcher.connect(self.start_listening, signals.engine_started)
dispatcher.connect(self.stop_listening, signals.engine_stopped)
def from_crawler(cls, crawler):
return cls(crawler)
def start_listening(self):
self.port = listen_tcp(self.portrange,, self)
h = self.port.getHost()
log.msg("Web service listening on %s:%d" % (, h.port), log.DEBUG)
def stop_listening(self):
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