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Scrapy documentation quick start guide
This file provides a quick guide on how to compile the Scrapy documentation.
Setup the environment
To compile the documentation you need the following Python libraries:
* Sphinx
* docutils
* jinja
If you have setuptools available the following command will install all of them
(since Sphinx requires both docutils and jinja)::
easy_install Sphinx
Compile the documentation
To compile the documentation (to classic HTML output) run the following command
from this dir::
make html
Documentation will be generated (in HTML format) inside the ``build/html`` dir.
View the documentation
To view the documentation run the following command::
make htmlview
This command will fire up your default browser and open the main page of your
(previously generated) HTML documentation.
Start over
To cleanup all generated documentation files and start from scratch run::
make clean
Keep in mind that this command won't touch any documentation source files.