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This will be the last release targeting React v15. The next release (v1.2.0) will require React v16.

  • When VDOM has been imported, VDOM collections (eg. List[VdomTag]) gain two .mkTagMod methods that are VDOM equivalents of .mkString in Scala's stdlib.

    • mkTagMod(sep: TagMod): TagMod
    • mkTagMod(start: TagMod, sep: TagMod, end: TagMod): TagMod
  • Add Reusability.derive[A] and Reusability.deriveDebug[A] which handles sealed traits and sealed abstract classes in addition to case classes. Reusability.caseClass{,Debug} is therefore deprecated. (Migration command below)

  • Add to StateSnapshot[S] instances:

    • .xmapState[T](f: S => T)(g: T => S) : StateSnapshot[T] (Disables Reusability on the result)
    • .zoomState[T](f: S => T)(g: T => S => S): StateSnapshot[T] (Disables Reusability on the result)
    • .withReuse.xmapState[T](iso : Reusable[(S => T, T => S)]) : StateSnapshot[T]
    • .withReuse.zoomState[T](lens: Reusable[(S => T, T => S => S)]): StateSnapshot[T]
    • .withReuse.xmapStateL[T](iso : Reusable[Iso [S, T]]): StateSnapshot[T] (requires ext-monocle module)
    • .withReuse.zoomStateL[T](lens: Reusable[Lens[S, T]]): StateSnapshot[T] (requires ext-monocle module)
  • Add HTML style: overflowWrap

  • Add CallbackTo.confirm(String): CallbackTo[Boolean] which displays a modal dialog with a message and two buttons, OK and Cancel.

  • Add CallbackTo.prompt(String?, String?): CallbackTo[Option[String]] which calls DOM Window.prompt(), displaying a dialog with an optional message prompting the user to input some text.

  • Add CallbackTo.retryUntilRight[L, R](attempt: CallbackTo[Either[L, R]])(onLeft: L => Callback): CallbackTo[R].

  • Add CallbackTo[Boolean]#requireCBO: CallbackOption[Unit] that requires the boolean value therein to be true.

  • Add scalaz.Distributive[CallbackTo] instance

  • Cats and Scalaz ext modules gained runStateM and runStateFnM which preserve the state monad M effect

  • Upgrade dependencies

    • Cats 1.0.0-MF
    • Scala 2.12.4
    • Scala.JS 0.6.20
    • Scalaz 7.2.16


find . -name '*.scala' -type f -exec perl -pi -e 's/(Reusability[ .]*)caseClass(Debug)?(?!E)/$1derive$2/g' {} +