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Fork of svg-android +SVN history +Maven +more
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Status: Unmaintained. Discontinued.

This project is no longer being developed or maintained.


This is forked from the awesome but unmaintained:


  • Mavenised.
  • Added SVGBuilder to allow easy specification of SVG parsing & rendering options.
  • ColorFilters can now be applied.
  • Layer opacity and hiding is now supported.
  • This library now works with Robolectric.
  • SVG viewBox attribute is now handled.
  • Numbers with exponents are handled.
  • SVGZ (gzipped svg) auto-detected and supported. (Thank @josefpavlik & @mstevens83)
  • Performance enhancements.
  • Has most community patches applied. Great work to josefpavlik and mrn


Add this to your Android project's pom.xml:



Firstly, store your SVGs in res/raw or assets.

// Load and parse a SVG
SVG svg = new SVGBuilder()
            .readFromResource(getResources(), R.raw.someSvgResource) // if svg in res/raw
            .readFromAsset(getAssets(), "somePicture.svg")           // if svg in assets
            // .setWhiteMode(true) // draw fills in white, doesn't draw strokes
            // .setColorSwap(0xFF008800, 0xFF33AAFF) // swap a single colour
            // .setColorFilter(filter) // run through a colour filter
            // .set[Stroke|Fill]ColorFilter(filter) // apply a colour filter to only the stroke or fill

// Draw onto a canvas

// Turn into a drawable
Drawable drawable = svg.createDrawable();
// drawable.draw(canvas);
// imageView.setImageDrawable(drawable);
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