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Symbolic Operators

There are 3 symbolic operators in this library.

Operator Desc
& Composes assertions (Points, Arounds, Invariants).
>> Sequences Actions.
+> Adds assertions to Actions.
Expression Result Desc
Points & Points Points Composes Point-assertions.
Arounds & Arounds Arounds Composes Around-assertions.
Invariants & {any assertion type}
{any assertion type} & Invariants
Invariants Composes assertions into invariants.
Actions >> Actions Actions Composes actions so that they run sequentially.
Points +> Actions Actions Adds pre-conditions to actions.
Actions +> Points
Actions +> Arounds
Actions Adds post-conditions to actions.

In all cases above, you can see that the > indicates the order of execution, left-to-right.

Operators can also be written backwards. These are equivalent:

Forwards Backwards
a >> b b << a
a +> b b <+ a

As above, the > and < chars indicate execution flow.

In this example, each term will be executed in the order it appears:

+> action1
+> postCond1a
+> postCond1b
>> action2
+> postCond2


A Transformer is a means of changing any or all of the types in a test constituent. This allows different test (or test components) to be transformed to have matching types where they can be composed normally. This allows entire tests to be embedded in others.

To create a transformer, start with .transformer on your Dsl, then call as many of its mapping methods as needed to specify how to change types.

Once done, you can either use the transformer directly to transform test constituents, or you can make it implicit and call .lift on test constituents such as Actions, Invariants, Plans, etc.

Plans and Tests

Create a Plan from Actions and/or Invariants by using one of:

  • Plan.apply
  • Plan.actions
  • Plan.invariants

Add/modify Actions and/or Invariants to an existing Plan by using one of:

  • plan.addInvariants
  • plan.modActions
  • plan.modInvariants

Turn a Plan into an Action using .asAction.

Extract Actions and Invariants from Plan using .actions, .invariants.

Turn a Plan into a Test (and vice-versa similarly) like this:

Runner hierarchy

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