Simple Perl 6 text-slinging utilities
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Text::MiscUtils - A bag of small text processing tricks


# English language utilities
use Text::MiscUtils::English;

say ordinal(23);               # '23rd'

my $n = 2;                     # $n = 1 would give correct singular words
say _s($n, 'geese', 'goose');  # 'geese'
say "fox{_s($n, 'es')}";       # 'foxes'
say 'frog' ~ _s($n);           # 'frogs'

# Text layout utilities
use Text::MiscUtils::Layout;

evenly-spaced(12, '1', '22', '55555');  # '1  22  55555'
text-wrap(6, 'a bc def ghij');          # ['a bc', 'def', 'ghij']

text-columns(5, "12\n34\n", "abc\ndefg\nhi");
# 12     abc  
# 34     defg 
#        hi   

text-columns(4, "12\n34\n", "abc\ndefg\nhi", :sep<|>);
# 12  |abc 
# 34  |defg
#     |hi  

# Note trailing spaces to pad out to width in text-columns() example output


Text::MiscUtils is a collection of small text processing routines, none of which are complex enough to merit their own distribution, but in aggregate add up to a bunch of finicky boilerplate no one should have to write yet again.

They get regular use by my other modules/programs, but are by no means perfect. For example, while the utilities in Text::MiscUtils::Layout should work fine with embedded ANSI color codes (ignoring them for purposes of calculating space used), they don't currently handle Unicode full width characters properly, treating them as width 1 instead of width 2.


Geoffrey Broadwell


Copyright 2016-2017 Geoffrey Broadwell

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.